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Loudest Stadium In The League

This is not a hot take. The Dome echoes and turns the approximately 22K folks that cram into the lower bowl into an exponentially louder crowd. That’s the kind of home field advantage the administrators were thinking of when they choose the place to be the home for the Roadrunners in the first place (cost aside).

Playing in this kind of situation can be awful — thinking of Tulane at the Superdome — if the team is bad, but UTSA has done a decent job of staying relatively relevant for the short history of the program. UTSA’s attendance is still good in relation to the rest of the league. The Dome hosted 22,821 on average last year, second to UAB in the league but filled the smallest percentage of capacity (35.11%). That is the issue with calling a 65K seat stadium home.

As the attendance dropped from the inaugural season highs into a nice average, the program has made efforts to keep the game experience a good one. They closed off the upper levels and concentrated the fans in the lower section.

The school has only won 48% of their home games, but that includes some good performances against some big name schools that came through San Antonio.

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