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Morning Report: 9.24.18 — Old Dominion Edition

The biggest upset deserves its own section.

Harry Minium of ODU Sports

As students stormed the field and celebrated wildly with the team, I shared their joy. People didn’t know each other hugged or exchanged high fives.

Head coach Bobby Wilder got so into it that as his players were headed off the field, he called them back to celebrate with the students.

“I’m really glad the students came on the field,” Wilder said. “It’s not very often that you get to celebrate a victory that’s this significant. These players are their classmates and they should have been celebrating together.

David Tell of the Virginian-Pilot

There are seasons and games in sports that defy logic. This was one of those moments.

As the Monarchs fan seated just below the press box said to me as the clock wound down: “Wow.”

Wow, indeed.

The only number that computed was 20,532, the record crowd that shoehorned into the decrepit venue for the Hokies’ first Hampton Roads appearance since 1986. Otherwise, this was homo sapien-bites-canine stuff.

Ed Miller of the Virginina-Pilot:

The clock expired and jubilation erupted. Within minutes, the site of the least-likely, most incomprehensible upset in college football this season was a bouncing, hugging mass of humanity.

Players, fans, students and even Old Dominion coach Bobby Wilder moshed together on the turf at Foreman Field, as one ecstatic, delirious family, in a moment unprecedented in program history, ODU’s athletic history and quite possibly, the university’s history.

Miller’s game story:

Old Dominion made an entrance.

And then, improbably, the Monarchs made it a game.

The Pilot’s Video:

David Hale of

Blake LaRussa actually grew up watching Virginia Tech football games. Until he enrolled at Old Dominion two years ago, he considered himself a Hokies fan. His older brother, Mike, is a Virginia Tech graduate, and Mike informed Blake before Saturday’s game that he probably would be cheering for his alma mater.

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