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UAB Had An Opportunity

One glorious and also terrible thing about life is that there is no making it. There will always be another challenge, another step, another “finish” line waiting.

UAB won the league last year. That is the ultimate prize and what’s more they did it impressively. The world and the fandom is not satisfied with one, however. There is always more. That is how it works.

The Blazers visited Knoxville tonight with a tantalizing opportunity to pull of a cultural upset, if not an actual one. The Blazers impressed somewhat last time they played an SEC team.

Tennessee is still in rebuild mode and while UAB is retooling after a 11-3 season, they are 6-1, boast a solid defense and a good coach.

Instead of competing for a while until fading because of a talent disparity— the go-to moral victory— the Blazers proceeded to get bullied to start this thing and never recovered.

UAB was down 30-0 before managing a scoreboard saving TD late.

The thing about being the defending champs is that there come with that title expectations.

When WKU was dominating the league we had the same criticism for them. Same for Middle. This year, we complained that NT underperformed vs Cal and SMU and Houston.

So then we must say What the Hell, UAB?

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