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2022 CUSA Tournament Coverage

We are a week away from Hoops at the Star. This spring it will be a little like the holidays, in that the entire league will be getting together with a lot of underlying animosity. Everyone is suing everyone (okay, it is really Marshall, ODU, and USM that are suing the league) and the tension will be thick. That will not prevent CUSA Report, in probably its final form1 from covering the league’s tournament.

In previous seasons we have published it all here on the site. See the 2018 tag for an example. This time we will paywall things. Just a bit. CR will have daily blog posts but for the premium subscribers we will be posting all of the stuff — including audio, the behind-the-scenes stuff, the first pictures. Is it worth it? We will try to give you bang for your entertainment dollar.

If you currently are a CR member, you will get this coverage as part of that plan.

CUSA may be ending as we know it but we will not pretend like we didn’t care about it while it was a going concern.

Tournament Coverage

  • 2022 Tourney Coverage: Notes From The Semifinal Round

    Charlotte Women and UNT women’s teams were scheduled to play at 4:30 after the UAB/Middle game. The delay because of the three overtimes meant the…

  • 2022 Tournament Coverage: Team-by-Team

    Apologies, folks, as we did not get the team-by-team posts up in time for the games. We’ll cheat a bit and put them all in…

  • 2022 Tournament Coverage: Second Round

    Notes from the second round: Conference USA is short-staffed. The stats-runners are interns (not unusual) but the actual paid-staff are fewer than in previous years.…

  • 2022 Tourney Coverage: Charlotte

    2022 Tourney Coverage: Charlotte

    Charlotte was a team that could look formidable at times, but only far parts of games against good teams. They beat teams far worse, but…

  • 2022 Tourney Coverage: Louisiana Tech

    2022 Tourney Coverage: Louisiana Tech

    The Bulldogs were expected to compete for the division and league, on the strength of their returning talent led by Kenneth Lofton, Jr. They started…

  • 2022 Tourney Coverage: FIU

    2022 Tourney Coverage: FIU

    FIU finished the season on a sour note. That’s an old metaphor that means it was displeasing, like a series of music notes played poorly.…

  • 2022 Tourney Coverage: Marshall

    2022 Tourney Coverage: Marshall

    This has been a season to forget for Dan D’Antoni’s Herd. Marshall had talent on the squad — especially 24 Taevion Kinsey — but could…

  • 2022 Tourney Coverage: UTSA

    2022 Tourney Coverage: UTSA

    Your Roadrunners do not have a great chance of winning this tournament. This year has not been a disaster, as that would have required expectations.…

  • 2022 Tourney Coverage: Southern Miss

    2022 Tourney Coverage: Southern Miss

    Your Golden Eagles do not have a great chance of winning the tournament. Jay Ladner’s team are missing their best player in Tyler Stevenson, but…

  1. at least in its current format