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CUSA Is Breaking Up Badly

This is a cross-post of the CUSA Report Newsletter. Why? Well for a great many reasons large and small. We have had this conversation previously, you might recall:

I can tell you I honestly do not know what the future of CR is. We have discussed previously the idea behind this thing (fun, filling a void, artful expression, etc) and we have also detailed the challenges ($$$). This could have been an email, literally, in that I have considered the newsletter model.

Here is a link to the (volume two) of CUSA Report Newsletter, Issue 1 It is FREE.

Here is a sampling:

Is 14-months reasonable notice? Sure, I think so. My opinion does not matter too much as all 14-league members agreed to this bylaws when it was time to decide this. It reminds me a little of UIC complaining about not being eligible for the post-season when apparently they were the ones that suggested this provision in the first place. 


As I wrote in this thread, I think that the three programs heading out do not have much of a leg to stand on, and while the conference cannot force them to stay – like, what are they going to do? Get security guards to make them play at FAU next season? – they can sue for damages.

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