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Display Advertising

After considering the various options available for a small blog with a small but growing dedicated and passionate audience of readers, I have decided to sell advertising on CUSA Report.

The best model I have seen is the Daring Fireball one: small non-obstrusive advertising that stands out because of its uniqueness on the page.

CUSA Report will only ever have one display advertisement on the page, right on the left side of the page on desktop views, and right underneath the stories on mobile.

There will be no tracking of users and the images will be hosted by The idea is that a custom URL will be used and you, the advertiser, can track hits using the referral stats.

Please contact the site for rates. There will be one spot available per week.

March 25 – March 31 Available
April 1 – April 7 Available
April 8 – 14 Available
April 15 – 21 Available
April 22 – 28 Available
Price: $20