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Weekly Sponsorships

Week-long sponsorships are available on CUSA Report. This is the only way to support your product or service to the beautiful readers of the Report.

What Do Sponsors Get?

  • A display ad in the sidebar of every page of the site, all week long.
  • A post from the sponsor will appear in the feed at the start of the week. Sponsors will get to address the readers.
  • At the end of the week, I will write a post thinking and linking to the sponsor.

Please contact the site for rates. There will be one spot available per week.

March 2-8 Available
March 9-15 (CUSA Tournament Week) Available
March 16-22 Available
March 23-29 Available
March 30-April 29 Available
Price: $20

Hat tip to my favorite site Daring Fireball