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CUSA Report is a digital publication covering college football and basketball, primarily focused on Conference-USA since late 2017. CR provides analysis of the cultural, business, and sporting aspects of the league and associated universities. We will dive into the media deals and the X-and-Os of college sport in Conference USA and as much of the in-between as is possible.

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CR is published and written primarily by myself, Adam Martinez. I have covered this league in some form since its realignment in 2013, and have written on the internet since about 2008.

I graduated from North Texas with a degree in business, and studied at UTSA’s graduate school of public policy. I published Mean Green Nation and the now-defunct Cooler Chronicles, two sites covering the schools, respectively.


Sporting allegiances aside, this site covers the league dispassionately. That is to say, there is no rooting interest in any outcome. Generally speaking, when a team is winning, that team’s fans read more about their favorite squad. There is also more to write about, when a team is winning (there are more games to write about — a bowl, and a league title game, or a tournament appearance). We will not change coverage based on access — positive for more, negative for less, for example.


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This site owes its structure and existence to some of the pioneers of self-publishing. Go out and support their work. They are the best in the business at it.