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UTSA PA Announcer Snubs SA Native Kobe Magee

Kobe Magee played his HS ball at Brandeis in the greater San Antonio area just last season. As a freshman at UTEP, he made his return to the city this Saturday and the crowd turned out for him. The Miners wanted to give him a special moment and put his name last on the intro sheet so he could get a nice little ovation.

Well, UTSA’s PA announcer did not read his name. This caused some controversy and more than a little back-and-forth on twitter.

The local news guy in El Paso is not buying it and explained why on his broadcast. Judging by Magee’s twitter timeline, he is not buying it either.

UTSA’ AD put out a statement calling the snub a ‘mistake’ and made with ‘no malice’.

Ever since UTSA made it’s way into CUSA there has been some bad blood between the UT-System schools. The football teams have had some classic games and the twitter fans go at it with some extra harsh words.

This little controversy inspired some angry tweets from UTEP’s fans (expected) and some questionable tweets from UTSA’s ‘fans’ directed at the player himself.


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