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NFL Draft: UTSA’s Marcus Davenport Goes 14 to Saints

Not only did the New Orleans Saints believe in Marcus Davenport enough to draft him, but they did so much they traded up to get him. Green Bay got a fifth and next year’s first round pick for the deal.

This is all good for the conference but it will not have much of an impact if the recruiters at the fourteen league schools do not use this to lure NFL-talent to their campuses. Furthermore, this pick brings a little more attention to the relatively poor record of Frank Wilson at UTSA, who has been widely praised for his recruiting ability but as so far ended two seasons with no bowl wins and only one appearance.

UTSA had an NFL defensive lineman and a coordinator that was good enough for Bama to poach, but had only a win over hapless Baylor to show for it.

Getting players into the NFL should be a goal of a good program, but mostly as means to an end: winning trophies. That said, the program has had the NFL draft two of its own in the short time it has been existing. This is a sharp rebuttal to the vocal critics who dismissed South Texas as a talent draw. You can go pro in San Antonio, but so far that has not translated to much.

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