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UAB In Budget Crunch

UAB had to lay off some people because of budgetary reasons. While the fundraising this past year was record-breaking, they were for capital improvements, not on-going contributions, however. That has not sat well with UAB enthusiasts, unsurprisingly.

UAB AD Mark Ingram is doing a good job of selling this as just business as usual in the wake of decreasing television revenues, but when we learned that he they had to cancel someone’s job at the very last possible minute — he was moving from Samford — things do not look well-planned.’s Joseph Goodman has the full story.

I feel for Ingram here but I cannot help but think this was poorly done. Informing a guy you just recently hired that his job is no longer available is bad business and bad foresight all around. Blaming declining revenues from TV is fine and plausible but that happened two budgetary cycles ago right? Got to do better there, Mark.

UAB is coming off a remarkable season and if they can get some kind of donor support to sustain the momentum, this minor budgetary crisis can be overcome. If not? Well, things will look mighty grim.

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