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Morning Report 8.30.19

Greg Luca of the San Antonio Express-News did a dive into the UTSA budget

Campos wants the department to be more self-sufficient, and that means deriving revenue from game guarantees in addition to fixing the downtick in ticket sales.

Kyle Davis of NewsChannel 5 Nashville looked into some questionable things from MTSU’s spending.


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It was determined that a former associate athletic director charged $3,500 to his university purchasing card to buy 100 copies of A Guide to Etiquette for Student Athletes. When the purchase was made, the associate athletic director was listed as one of two incorporators of the company that produced the guide. He was also identified on the company’s website as the chief operating officer.

David Steele of the Undefeated on HBCUs scheduling more G5 teams — like that ASU vs UAB game this week.

Include Morgan State athletic director Edward Scott among that group. His approach — schedule teams in their own class: other Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) opponents and Group of 5 Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) teams that also paid guarantees.

Elliott Pratt of the BGDN recaps the WKU loss.

And thus WKU’s season starts on a losing note for the second straight season to a team it paid to play. WKU lost its 2018 home opener to Maine after holding a sizable lead in the first quarter.

Evan Dudley of recaps the UAB escape

The only thing that was up was Bill Clark’s blood pressure and the Alabama State Hornets, who tied the game at 7-all on a 67-yard touchdown run and then broke it on a 16-yard touchdown pass after a costly UAB fumble on the kickoff sandwiched between scoring plays.

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