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Morning Report: 5.17.20

Ralph D. Russo of the Associated Press:

This season, 39 major college football schools have scheduled a total of 49 buy games worth an estimated $65 million. If coronavirus disruptions cause Power Five teams to play more or only conference games, it could leave huge holes in the athletic budgets of schools already stretched thin.

Steve Berkowitz of USA Today:

As Hainline sees it, the idea would be for football programs to have two distinct sets of personnel: An inner bubble, for the players and those that are in close contact with the players, and an outer bubble of people who are necessary to run a football event, but who are not in the same close contact with the players.

Cory Diaz of the News Star:

So far, the committed has reportedly looked at cost saving options like trimming regular-season schedules for some programs, changing championship tournaments to potentially decrease the number of teams that qualify as well as shortening the length of the formats.

Arguably the most notable reported discussions have been whether the league could compete based on divisions and conduct some home-and-homes during football season as well as whether or not C-USA could partner with other regional leagues to form scheduling alliances and if it’s possible that those contests to be counted as conference competition.

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