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Morning Report: 6.12.20

Brett Vito of the DRC says three North Texas football players tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies.

The players who tested positive for antibodies immediately had a follow-up swab test of their nasal cavity to see if they are currently infected. A UNT spokesman said the school is still in the waiting period of 48 to 72 hours to have the swab tests come back.

No FAU players have tested positive, however.

In San Antonio, the mayor has a wish list of police reform.

UNT’s president met with student leaders:

Garret Marino has a hot sports opinion

NCAA provides guidance about returning to practice.

ESPN ranked the G5 jobs. It is a version of the same kind of offseason clickbait that comes out every summer.

Ross Dellenger and Pat Forde go in on college sports and whether the current model will survive the pandemic.

In May, less than four years after Murphy’s medal, Akron told a very different story: It eliminated the cross country program that helped make him a rising star in American running, along with men’s golf and women’s tennis. Since then, a highly motivated Murphy has joined other Akron alums in a fundraising effort that they hope will convince school leaders to salvage the cross-country program. “Universities across the board need to take a look at these Olympic sports and see the value they can have, and not be tossed aside,” Murphy told Sports Illustratedlast week. “They threw away a major part of what made myself and others go to that university.”

Also this caught my eye:

“It is concerning. College sports is our secret weapon in the U.S.,” says Greg Earhart, executive director of the College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America. “Schools are still chasing a dream they can’t achieve. Every time an FIU beats Miami, it just gives them hope. These schools are getting outspent 3 to 1.”

The bill to allow payment to Florida student-athletes is on the desk of the governor.

Zone defense usage is down in all of college-basketball, including in CUSA.

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