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About Last Night: UAB, Tech, UTSA Looking Good

I do not like to write about series in-progress as we could see anything happen in the second games that changes our opinions. Still, we have to acknowledge the games played and we should discuss last night.

First, the scores:


La Tech 76
USM 63

UAB 70

All three winners were favored, so if you are just box-score browsing you will be unsurprised at the results. The journey to that end was the fun. UTSA looked good and now has won three straight. UTEP is a middling team, capable of turning on a performance that makes them look like contenders and also some absolute garbage outings. This was somewhere in between, as it looked like it was getting out of hand before a late rally.

Meanwhile, in Hattiesburg, Tech just toasted USM in the second half before USM got things below 10 late. Make no mistake, this was never in doubt and Tech was just going for some highlights.

The drama came in the final game on CBS Sports Network was UAB and Middle. Just about the number one team against arguably the 14th ranked team in the league. For a time, it looked like Middle was going to pull off a late-night upset but in a vicious display of superiority, UAB seemingly stole the ball and got a layup on the other end for about ten straight possessions. What was a one point game turned into a win going away.

What It All Means

Well people were considering UAB the best team in the conference and the record and advanced numbers suggest that is the case. They had a perfect opportunity to stumble and instead turned on the jets to remain atop the standings at 6-1. Louisiana Tech never were threatened against a similar opponent, and showed they are not to be dismissed.

Meanwhile UTSA, having won three-straight, is feeling a little better about themselves. If you look at the opponents (USM, USM, UTEP) you may be less than impressed but wins are wins in this league. UTSA has went up against teams that do not play great defense and do not have super efficient offenses.

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