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UTSA’s President: No More ‘Come and Take It”

Less than a month ago UTSA President Taylor Eighmy wrote that he would form a task force to evaluate the Come and Take It ‘tradition’ at UTSA, he decided to kill it himself. I put ‘tradition’ in quotes because it is important to highlight a less-than-decade-old thing compared to decades-old ones that are a staple of college football. That UTSA football is only 10-years old, it makes sense that nothing has the weight of history behind it.

This strikes me as a good thing, in this case. Unlike the very-similar-when-you-think-about-it U of Texas Eyes of Texas controversy, this one will not have any impressive alumni agitating behind the scenes. Instead maybe a class-and-a-half of UTSA students did the faux-tifo thing and even then it wasn’t always done well.

I do not mean to belittle the tradition, 1 but to just highlight that it was not that much of a thing and as such is an easy win for the university.

So far the twitter mentions have been “this is good” and “this is bad”. Fortunately for Eighmy, I think the “I do not care too much about this” is the majority.

  1. Full disclosure I have tweeted about how I think it is corny and forced and generic, precisely because seemingly every high school and organization adopts it. Turns out that latter point is part of the reason it is being killed. The orgs that have adopted it do not share the values of the university (to put it lightly)

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