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Blue Raiders Bowl Diary

Middle Tennessee is going to the Bahamas Bowl and as always that involves a lot of logistics. Sam Doughton of describes some of that in his Sunday column.

If all goes to plan, a lot of work the support staff has put in will go unnoticed during the week. Buses will be on time, with everyone in the right seat, COVID testing will go off without a hitch, and customs will stamp everyone’s passport as they arrive. But of course, their work hasn’t gone unnoticed, and with some more hard work, the logistical success we’ve had to this point will be the first Blue Raider victory in the Bahamas in 2021.

I do not know if they do so, but it seems to me teams should be trying to get everyone their passport before the season starts as there is the smallest chance that the Bahamas is a destination. There is more to traveling abroad than ever before, given the COVID situation and Doughton touches on this. There is a lot of testing involved.

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