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This Could Have Been An Email

Last we left you loyal readers we were in Bowl Central. Honestly, it is hard to remember what happened considering that bowl games aren’t particularly sticky. The league is likely to break up sooner rather than later, according to rumors, and the basketball season has seen the East sort of implode.

I am old enough to remember when Dan D’antoni won the league with Marshall and now I look at his 0-7 program in something like shock and surprise. There is talent (Taevion Kinsey) but that has not translated to wins.

Elsewhere, the UAB monster has arisen. Andy Kennedy’s squad was very good and beat the league champ North Texas in Denton in back-to-back games to earn the 2nd seed. Unfortunately they fell to WKU (when they were good) and did not get to play in the final. This season has seen just the one loss to Rice that is sort of understandable if you consider that the Owls like to shoot it and can get hot and make things interesting. outside of that, UAB just went to Ruston and Bowling Green and handled business. Oh, and they went to Denton and did the same there. We will see some rematches and Middle at home suddenly is a possible title game preview.

If you have wondered where CR has been, well I have an answer: We moved. HQ used to be in San Antonio, TX and now is in Saint Louis, MO. Why? Well, the usual reasons: work. Moving is an adventure in and of itself and today’s tedious, awful experience at the DMV was as good of an argument to ever leave your current situation as any.

I can tell you I honestly do not know what the future of CR is. We have discussed previously the idea behind this thing (fun, filling a void, artful expression, etc) and we have also detailed the challenges ($$$). This could have been an email, literally, in that I have considered the newsletter model.

We have not done the deepest of dives into basketball like we did last year, and so we have some homework to do. When that happens, CR should have the hottest and most informed opinions and analysis coming. At the very least I think we should get to a more frequent blogging schedule. Expect fewer polished posts in favor of quicker, partial thoughts in blog form. I mean, why give Twitter the good stuff?

In the mean time, please subscribe, become a member, etc.

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