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CUSA at the Combine

The conference has nine players in the NFL Combine this week. Here is how they performed:

Marcus Davenport, UTSA DE

Davenport was put through his paces and barring something incredibly damning, he is projected for the top two rounds. All the analysis says that he is a bit raw, and has room to improve his technique. Given is rapid improvement in such a short time, there is no reason to think he could not improve in a good NFL program with quality coaching.

  • 40: 4.58
  • Bench: 22 reps
  • Vert: 33.5
  • Broad Jump: 124
  • 3 cone: 7.2
  • 20 yard shuttle: 4.41

Will Hernandez, UTEP OG

Hernandez has been on the NFL’s radar since last season. His time under current and former NFL offensive line coach Sean Kugler has helped him garner the attention and praise he deserves.

Most knocks on him discuss his relative lack of height and length for the position, but there are no questions about his strength or work ethic.

  • 40: 5.15 8th among OL
  • Bench: 37 reps 1st among OL
  • Broad Jump: 104.0
  • 3 Cone: 7.59s, 7th among OL
  • 20 yard shuttle: 4.7

Joel Iyiegbuniwe, WKU LB

One of the leaders of the underrated WKU defense of the last two seasons, Iggy has a few things to work on at the next level. Most analysis sees him as a decent shot to make an NFL roster, but as a special-teamer and backup.

He has a chance to impress this weekend and boost his stock.

  • 40: 4.6
  • Bench: 19 reps
  • Vert: 35
  • Broad Jump: 117
  • 3 cone: 7.06
  • 20 yard shuttle: 4.28

Richie James, MTSU WR

The book on him is that he is talented, athletic, but raw yet productive. This is not a bad thing as it means he has room to grow as he adds pro-level technique.

  • 40: 4.48
  • Bench: 6.0 reps — Best was 24.
  • Vert: 35.5, 12th among WRs
  • Broad Jump: 122.0, 11th among WRs
  • 3 cone: 6.87
  • 20 yard shuttle: 4.16
  • 60 yard shuttle: 11.44

Chase Litton, Marshall QB

Litten always had the size for a prototypical QB, if not the production. He ran the 40 in just above the time that Heisman winner Baker Mayfield put up.

He always threw more interceptions than befitted his standing on the team and that looks to be the concern with him so far. The thinking is that a good QB coach can turn him into a steal.

  • 40: 4.9
  • Bench: n/a
  • Vert: 29.5
  • Broad Jump: 106
  • 3 cone: 7.49
  • 20 yard shuffle: 4.53

Korey Robertson, USM WR

Robertson made the most of the awkward USM QB situation this past season and stood out because of his ability to go up and make plays. He does not have great size for the NFL, but he was more than enough for CUSA DBs. His combine results were not overly impressive compared to some of the workout numbers posted by other pass-catchers, but he will no doubt get a look in a camp and will have to make a name there.

  • 40: 4.56
  • Bench: 13
  • Vert: 34
  • Broad Jump: 123
  • 3 cone: n/a
  • 20 yard shuffle: n/a

Olumbunmi Rotimi, ODU DE

Rotimi projects to an NFL DT from all indications. His injury history will make his combine numbers something akin to a wash. When healthy he was one of the league’s better defensive lineman and he has the work ethic to make it in the league.

  • 40: n/a
  • Bench: 21
  • Vert: 32
  • Broad Jump: 113
  • 3 cone: 7.46
  • 20 yard shuffle: 4.7

Mike White, WKU QB

White has been one of the league’s better passers in his time, but struggled mightily this last season as the WKU offense became one dimensional and the pass protection suffered. Everyone loves his arm, and his size. The knock on him is that he is slow and relies on his arm. The right coach and system should clear all that up.

  • 40: 5.09
  • Bench: n/a
  • Vert: 27
  • Broad Jump: 96
  • 3 cone: 7.4
  • 20 yard shuffle: 4.4

Jeff Wilson, NT RB

Jeff Wilson had to decline the rest of his workouts beside the bench press (15 reps) on doctor’s orders. His injury history and tendency to fumble have been knocks on him, but everyone loves his production. He is coachable and works hard and that goes a long way. He projects to something like a third down back and a pass-catcher.

  • Bench: 15 reps

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