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Pilot: ESPN Deal?

This post is a link post to a link post but that is the internet, folks. Ed Miller has this transcription quote of the Commish discussing the future media deals.  When this site disccussed the announcement of the deal in March, the possibility of adding ESPN was mentioned.

This amalgamation of deals is about as good as the league could possibly get in the current media environment. ESPN3 or ESPN+ is the future for ESPN (according to them) and is hungry for content. CUSA has an issue with thier current inventory of games on CUSA TV being of varying degrees of quality.

Does the league put the highest quality of programming on ESPN+ or does this potential deal mean ESPN will do some of the producing of the shows? Worst case scenario for die-hards of CUSA: you will shell out two $10/mo fees to get CUSATV and ESPN+.

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