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UD: UTSA and Texas St Fans Want A Better Trophy

As college football gets corporatized it becomes homogenized. Any regional flavor is being sucked out of the more colorful events to sanitize them in the interest of turning them into a #nationalbrand. Much in the same way that Bud Light and Miller Light are relatively tasteless to appeal to the most wide ranging potential audience.

The UTSA-Texas State game does not have the kind of history that the Red River Shootout did, but there is no reason to start it out boringly. This thing has been played just three times. The first game when both teams were in the WAC, and the second just last year, in a rout by UTSA in San Marcos.

Apparently some fans are trying to make the trophy a little less boring.

If you remove the branding on the plaque, this trophy could easily pass as an office heirloom for the annual fantasy football champion. The current trophy is in no way unique to the Central Texas region and I doubt many fans could even conjure up a mental image of the trophy without a visual aid. This rivalry deserves better. petition.

Image via petition.

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