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The league’s defending champions started slowly, and it didn’t look good early. UCF got an early interception on a bad throw from Chris Robison and turned that into a quick six.

FAU was only able to muster fakes. Twice on the next two possession FAU lined up in standard formation on 4th down and pooch punted. Robison knocked one 58 yards.

UCF didn’t care and their Heisman candidate drove them 92 yards for a 14-0 lead and no one thought FAU was in this.

Then FAU faked it on fourth again, this time faking a punt and getting big yards to continue the drive. Motor Singletary scooted in for his 8th TD of the season. Game on.

Another punt from UCF and another 4th done conversion from the Owls and yes, another Motor score meant things were knitted at 14.

Another punt from UCF, who could not find the easy RPO looks against man that FAU started with. FAU has found something with Motor. Lane seemed to have schemed up some plays to get his star back on 1v1 in space instead of running into traffic. It worked.

17-14 after a drive stopped just short.

Then UCF went on the kind of drive that a team led by a Heisman candidate is capable of. A quick 5-play 78-yard drive capped by a 17-yard TD drive.

Thats where we are at half time.

Motor Singletary has 15 carries for 70 yards and two scores.

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