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2018 CUSA Power Rankings Week 6

A big win for Louisiana Tech was going to rocket the Bulldogs up the rankings, but what about the rest of the league? Let us see what the eleven (this week) voters think:

The Tally

  1. LT (10) โ€” LW 4
  2. NT โ€” LW 1
  3. Marshall (1) โ€” LW 3
  4. UAB โ€” LW 6
  5. MTSU โ€” LW 8
  6. FAU โ€” LW 2
  7. FIU โ€” LW 5
  8. USM โ€” LW 6
  9. UTSA โ€” LW 10
  10. WKU โ€” LW 10
  11. ODU โ€” LW 11
  12. Charlotte โ€” LW 13
  13. Rice โ€” LW 12
  14. UTEP โ€” LW 14


  1. Tech 3-1, 1-0 ↑ 3 spots

    A big win in Denton sets up Skip Holtz’s team well. The driver’s seat for the division crown is comfy. A big game at home against a good UAB squad looms.

  2. NT 4-1, 0-1 ↓ 1 spot

    Losing at home in front of the largest crowd in home history with a handful of HOFers is not fun. Knowing that Mason Fine came up gimpy after being sacked five times — four by Jaylon Ferguson — is less fun. A huge set back, but the season still sets up nicely for Seth Littrell and company.

  3. Marshall 3-1, 1-0 — No move

    If WKU were better they would have moved up some. Offense looked shaky and that doesn’t bode well for future contests.

  4. UAB 3-1, 1-0 — ↑ 2 spots

    A nice and easy win over Charlotte to prepare for a Tech team coming off two emotional games. If Tech spots the opposition points again as they did two weeks in a row, the Blazers have the rushing attack to seal things up.

  5. MTSU 2-2, 1-0 — ↑ 3 spots

    The voters liked gutsy wins over former #2 ranked teams. MTSU still looks shaky but that was a huge win for confidence and the standings.

  6. FAU 2-3, 0-1 — ↓ 4 spots

    FAU is not running roughshod over teams any more even if Motor is still scoring. He mentioned something about not blaming the OC recently which is not the kind of things winning coaches say.

  7. FIU 3-2, 1-0 — ↓ 2 spots

    This seems harsh by the voters. I suppose beating Arkansas Pine Bluff badly does not impress folks.

  8. USM 2-2, 1-0 — ↓ 2 spots

    A close loss to tenth ranked Auburn is not shameful. A bye week will help everyone heal and get right again.

  9. UTSA 2-3, 1-0 — No movement

    A win over a bad team is a good thing. That it was ugly was always going to happen. UTSA has two wins and one in conference play. Winning ugly is still winning.

  10. WKU 2-3, 0-1 — No movement

    Struggling offense, no running game and a loss in conference play. It is like things haven’t changed since last season.

  11. ODU 1-4, 0-2 — No movement

    There is still some LaRussa magic left and that is good going forward. It is too bad the Monarchs could not have tapped into that magic before losing two conference games. Steven Williams is redshirting the rest of the way, so it is LaRussa’s show, now.

  12. Charlotte 2-3, 1-1 — ↑ 1 spot

    Voters moved the 49ers up one. I supposed the loss to UAB could be seen in a good light, but we are well past the stage of moral victories.

  13. Rice 1-4, 0-1 — ↓ 1 spot

    Voters do not like the big loss that was not competitive midway through the first quarter. The momentum from the Houston effort is gone, but Bloomgren has this team moving in the right direction.

  14. UTEP 0-5, 1-0 — No movement

    A loss in the most winnable game on the schedule for a long while. Of course, we write this now fully expecting that the Miners will blow out North Texas at home.

One Comment

  1. Adam Martinez Adam Martinez Post author | October 2, 2018

    My vote:

    1. LT
    2. NT
    3. Marshall
    4. UAB
    5. USM
    6. MTSU
    7. FIu
    8. FAU
    9. UTSA
    10. WKU
    11. ODU
    12. Rice
    13. Charlotte
    14. UTEP

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