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Moonshine FG, Queen City Upset, And More

Marshall 26, WKU 23: Credit WKU for sticking with their game plan and grinding their way to a near-comeback. Marshall was up 23-7 at one point before they let WKU slowly make their way back into this thing. A win over the division leaders still leaves the Herd behind for now – they have 3 league wins to WKU’s 4. This division is very much up-for-grabs and the Herd are playing much better.

MTSU 50, FIU 17: Middle fully embraced their destiny as a run first, second, third team and ran for 471 yards against FIU. The Golden Panthers led 17-14 at the half and were obliterated the rest of the way. This pretty much seals up the fate of the fighting Butch Davis’, as they are so far out of the division running that it all is on the bowl game train from here on. The problem: this was one of the two winnable ones. For Middle, they continue to be a Jekyll/Hyde production.

Charlotte 39, North Texas 38: This was a shootout kind of game that we could have seen coming back in September after Charlotte showed some ability to score and NT still had a healthy offense that did not self-immolate. Mason Fine threw for 5 scores but Charlotte rallied with 18 points in the fourth quarter including a final minute 34-yard TD strike from Chris Reynolds.

Southern Miss 20, Rice 6: A workman like victory thanks the the defensive superiority against Rice. There is not much to say about this one that was ugly, but a winner for the Golden Eagles after coming off a tough loss vs Tech last week.

FAU 41 ODU 3: The winning margin came in the first quarter for FAU, on Chris Robison’s TD pass. ODU is very bad and FAU is much better. This was the game.

Tech 42 and UTEP 21: J’Mar Smith and company racked up the seventh straight win of the season. This was never really in doubt, and the bulk of the Miner scoring came in garbage time. Tech is 4-0 in the division and keeps their spot up top for another week.

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