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NIL and What It Really Means

You might have read about NIL and the fallout from California’s bill that would allow Name, Image, and Likeness compensation for collegiate athletes.

This site’s official position is that athletes should be able to earn money for their NIL just like the rest of the college campus.

The entire amateur model is a strange holdover from the early 20th century that has little room in the modern world. Olympic athletes have long enjoyed the ability to earn money and everything is fine there.

The school’s could always do away with what little pretense there is with pretending the D1 players live the same lives as you or I did while on campus and could establish a professional league team associated with the school. The connection would remain, much as it has in world soccer for example.

For more insight, we recommend Patrick Hruby’s newsletter, the latest of which interprets the NCAA Board of Governor’s announcement today.


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