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UTSA, ODU Looking for Head Coaches, UNT for Coordinators

It’s been a busy on chopping block week. UTSA fired Frank Wilson, ODU’s Bobby Wilder stepped down. Seth Littrell fired his offensive coordinator Bodie Reeder and then DC Troy Reffett soon after.

All of the changes were a long time coming. Wilder said he would step down after next year but apparently changes his mind — or it was changed for him. He started the program and led it to 10-wins before a series of terrible seasons saved by a miracle win against Virginia Tech.

He leaves a young program with support but a challenging environment.

Frank Wilson has his defenders but ultimately presided over a terrible offense that could not get out of its own way. He was widely regarded as a great man, but he’s the head football coach and that means his teams should perform on the field, also.

He leaves talent on the roster but a challenging situation. UTSA needs money, and the early momentum was squandered and will be harder to rekindle enthusiasm. A little offense will no doubt get more butts in seats and more donations in the bank.

Meanwhile, Seth Littrell has blown up his staff after a challenging season. Bodie Reeder came in highly regarded but his offense underperformed with Mason Fine at the helm. There were too many execution mistakes and Fine was nearly always scrambling for his life.

DC Reffett produced a porous defense that could not get the kind of pressure on the QB that is supposed to be his signature. Even his best defense — last year’s squad — was merely “solid” and relied on lots of turnovers. Those are good, yes, but helped cover some mistakes. Good teams found a way to counter the pressure and Reffett could not find a counter.

Things are not finished. Bill Clark, Skip Holtz, and even Seth Littrell have been mentioned as candidates for various positions across the nation. As those open positions full, we will no doubt see changes on staffs across the league — especially after December Signing Day.

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