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The League Responds to Nation’s Civil Unrest

The nation is in state of upheaval on the back of global pandemic. The response to the murder of George Floyd by a Minnesota police officer has been outrage and protest. That protest has been met with violence by the police. Some protesters are fighting each other, some are preventing looting. Some are looting. This is in nearly every major city in America.

Conference-USA’s board of directors put out a statement in reaction to this.

Conference USA and its member institutions are committed to embracing and cultivating diversity, inclusion and equity.  Our thousands of students, faculty and staff represent many different backgrounds and beliefs and we must promote and ensure fair and equitable opportunities, benefits and resources for our community.

 This time requires greater introspection from those of us who may never know the full pain and fear that many experience every day.  We have to reach out, listen to each other and work together to be part of the solution to address injustice, racism, and discrimination.  It is by doing this that we can be stronger together.

The board is comprised of the 14-member university presidents, and is chaired by Dr. Les Guice of Louisiana Tech, as of 2019.

As for coaches, here are links to the following tweets from Butch Davis, Seth Littrell, Jeff Taylor has been tweeting a lot but said that Tony Dungy’s tweet sums his feelings up best, Doc Holliday, Skip Holtz, Will Healy tweeted Charlotte Football’s video, Tyson Helton tweeted a picture of two children — black and white — hugging, Ricky Rahne, Mike Bloomgren retweeted Nick Wagmen’s essay, and Rick Stockstill.

No tweets: Bill Clark, Willie Taggart, Dana Dimel, Jay Hopson,

Men’s basketball is a little bit different, as there are some coaches that do not tweet at all or don’t have accounts. That said, some notables: Steve Henson, Scott Pera, Dusty May, Eric Konkol, Rodney Terry,

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