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Happy Independence Day

Over on MGN we wrote a little something about Independence Day. We are celebrating the nation, but we must acknowledge that the myths of America that we tell ourselves are just that: myths. If we want to take pride in this nation, we have the right the wrongs of the past and make restitution for the injustices done by and in the name of this nation.


  1. Lynn Robinson Lynn Robinson July 4, 2020

    No one in this country deserves any restitution for perceived wrongs of the past. Anyone born in this country is privileged enough already. If your parents choose not to raise you with love and care, you may feel I owe you something, but I don’t. I am sick of liberals and PC police tearing this country apart because they have received an indoctrination instead of an education. I am not alone in my feelings and those that want to attack my character because they have no character of their own will soon realize just how outnumbered they are. This is the greatest country in the history of the world, and I will not sit silently by and let the uneducated “woke” destroy the greatness of our nation.

    Today I celebrated time with my family. It is no longer safe to venture into town and fireworks shows are closed due to the protesters and other violent actors. This will not stand forever and I look forward to the future when it’s no longer frowned upon to have love for our country.

  2. Adam Martinez Adam Martinez Post author | July 4, 2020

    I think the education I received was the indoctrination — it glossed over the evils done in this country to Black people, Native Americans, the Pacific Islanders, and later the Latin American coups we helped.

    I encourage everyone to have love for their country — and that means accepting it with all the flaws and the great, and using the parts of the latter to correct for the former — including the wrongs done.

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