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Cancelled: UNT vs UAB, Louisiana Tech vs Rice

A week after we had just two league games played, we have two more games cancelled going into the weekend. Today, North Texas announced the scheduled game vs UAB is cancelled because of COVID-19 cases and contact tracing on the Blazer squad.

Louisiana Tech had to postpone their game vs Rice because of a thin squad due caused by injuries and COVID-19. The offensive line has been because of the same two reasons given, and it sounds like there were more affected.

We wrote at the start of this season that if any games were played it would be an accomplishment. We are long passed any point of fairly contesting a season to find a worthy league champion. The conference is running out of weeks to cram in rescheduled games. If those are cancelled or postponed, then we will be done.

At the national level, there are already concerns about the logistics of contesting the big money-making playoff, and bowl games. The nation had over 140,000 cases yesterday and is expected to have at least that today. It is a precarious time, even more than when the league cancelled the basketball tournament in March.

Basketball starts soon, and while the league changed some scheduling to accommodate the logistics of testing and social distancing, it still will involve traveling and fewer precautions than the NBA had. The professional ‘bubble’ was extremely successful, but also very expensive. We should prepare ourselves for a broken season with the occasional missing contributor. In short, do not expect anything to change while this virus is raging.

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