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Cancellations In Week 15: UTSA vs Marshall in the Title Game?

Update: Evan Dudley, UAB beat reporter, quotes Bill Clark as saying “UAB is down 25 players right now but will have few back this week. The RBs and DBs were hit hardest through testing and contact tracing. About 12 starters and role players will be out against Rice.”

Update: Chris Vannini has the scenario for the East based on the cancellation: If teams are tied in the L column and are within one-win, they are technically tied. So FAU is eliminated even if they win. Count me among those that think this rule is silly.

Update: Fixed the headline based on the twitter corrections. Forgot the “within-one-win stuff”.

The Marshall-Charlotte game scheduled for this Friday, December 11th is cancelled. Also in danger is the pivotal UAB vs Rice game because of “challenges” in the UAB squad.

UAB, which has had four straight games canceled, is dealing with some challenges headed into its game against Rice this weekend. Currently very low on numbers, potentially in the low 40s in terms of scholarship players. All-conference WR Austin Watkins has opted out.

Matt Zenitz

It would be very reasonable to cancel the game but that would eliminate UAB from West contention. It sure would be the stuff of a movie-script for the Blazers to line up with the walk-ons and play for the division as an underdog. If there were complaints about the league “doing too much” for the Blazers, clinching the division against a solid Rice squad while undermanned would certainly shut some people up.

As it is, depending on what happens with FAU, it is looking like UTSA vs FAU with the Owls hosting.

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