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CUSA Report Digest: 6.8.21

Okay I will admit I wanted to do a roundup but not call it a roundup

UAB Looking forward to a full-capacity stadium:

I am still a little cautious about COVID precautions. I have been vaccinated but my small children have not. I am concerned about them and the long term implications for contracting the virus as a child. Aside from that (glaring risk) it is good to see the world open up again. The football games that were played without fans or with a weird assortment of fans was strange and highlighted just how important spectators are to a spectator sport. 1

Marshall’s Mike Hamrick Moving To New Role

Hamrick has near-universal praise from reasonable Marshall observers. He did not accept the status-quo and actively looked for ways to improve the school given its resources. He made some bold moves and the nature of those kinds of things is that sometimes you miss. His new role is one of those kind of legacy things “special assistant to the whatever” and it remains to be seen how much power that has.

Conference Ws over/under:

This particular book is giving Tech/UAB some love in the west and Marshall/WKU the attention in the east. I say that sounds about right. They are a little down on UTSA, which is surprising.

Josh Anderson is back for WKU MBB

WKU probably peaked the last two years … but then again its not like UNT is going to be better than this Tops roster this season so we might as well call WKU the favorites again. Now with Josh Anderson back? Even more so.

CUSA Baseball

Good twitter account: @CUSABaseball

NT has some transfers

A ball handler and a big guy added to the defending champions. Not bad.

  1. Let us leave aside the jokes about CUSA and attendance and whatnot ha.

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