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2021 Power Rankings: Week 4

It is already Thursday and there is no Power Ranking posted? What is this world if not a devourer of fun and time and freedom to post power rankings on the Internet?

Let us remind ourselves of what happened last week:

Results from Saturday, 18th:

SMU 39, LA Tech 37
UTSA 27, Middle Tennessee 13
Liberty 45, Old Dominion 17
East Carolina 42, Marshall 38
Georgia State 20, Charlotte 9
Troy 21, Southern Miss 9
Texas Tech 54, FIU 21
Florida Atlantic 45, Fordham 14
UAB 40, North Texas 6
Texas 58, Rice 0

Let us rank the teams:

1. UAB 1-0, 2-1

Opening the conference slate with an absolute domination of North Texas in Denton is impressive. If you were watching closely you saw some hiccups and some weaknesses but why spoil the fun? The Blazers showed they can bounce back from an embarrassment by doling out some shame on others. How about that TE running through the NT secondary like Usain Bolt? Impressive, most impressive.

The west division defending champ has a conference win and it doubled as a division win. Things are looking good.

Next up: at Tulane on ESPN+ at 7pm

2. UTSA 1-0, 3-0

Beating Middle is not impressive because they are bad. Racking up should wins is good, and builds the reputation. This team is the second-most dangerous threat to UAB in the division and is playing well … in spots. The Runners were bad for a bit against a bad Middle but that is not much to worry about. It is something to watch.

Next up: at Memphis on ESPNU 2:30pm

3. Marshall 0-0, 2-1

ECU stole a win from Marshall and you could probably spin that as a good thing as it comes before conference play and all that good stuff. Keeping everyone on their toes, staying focussed, coaching points etc. No one really expected Marshall to make headway in any CFP anything so this is just disappointing for the fans. That said, beating App State will heal those wounds and also serve as as springboard for the rest of the season like it did last year …before the team collapsed at the end.

Next up: at App State ESPN 6:30 (tonight)

4. La Tech 0-0, 1-2

The Dawgs had SMU beat and allowed the silliest hail-many I’ve seen since I last watched Florida State play. That was a very typical Tech way to lose and also a heartbreaker for any fans that maybe were watching to see SMU lose and be disappointed.

Tech has shown some really good things and they have the shape of a team that will play up — and down — to their competition. If they can get these heartbreakers out of their system in non-conference play they can threaten the reigning champs and UTSA this season.

Next up: vs North Texas on Stadium at 6pm

5. FAU 0-0, 2-1

Fordham is not good. FAU whooped them easily, which is what you are supposed to do as the superior team. I still like this team in and their chances the rest of the way.

Next up: at Air Force on Fox Sports 2 7pm

6. Charlotte 0-0, 2-1

The 9ers dropped an ugly game to Georgia State 20-9 and that was not good. Beat Duke and lose to GSU? Ugh.

Next up: vs Middl eon Friday CBSSN 5:30pm

7. WKU 0-0, 1-1

Here is the hope for the Hilltoppers: they have worked out the kinks and will keep the mighty offensive explosion we have seen thus far without the terrible defense.

Next up: vs Indiana on CBSSN 7pm

Abandon All Hope Category:

8. North Texas 0-1, 1-2

The Mean Green may have a defense that tries this season. They still get sliced up — by the tight end! The once-mighty offense is now a shell of itself, and NT has managed just 18 points in the last two games. There are injuries and lots of questions and maybe AD Wren Baker is checking out other head coaches resumes…

Next up: at Louisiana Tech on Stadium at 6pm

9. Rice 0-0, 0-3

It is official: We have another year of “Bloomgren has those guys playing hard but yet they still are bad”

Next up: vs Texas Southern on ESPN 3 5:30pm

10. Southern Miss 0-0, 1-2

I could forgive the USA loss. But this is another vs a Sun Belt foe.

Next up: at Alabama on SEC Network at 6:30pm

11. FIU 0-0, 1-2

Texas Tech won this game easily.

Next up: at Central Michigan on ESPN+ at 11am

12. Middle Tennessee 0-1, 1-2

Middle is not good and the close game there was in San Antonio for that bit of time was largely due to UTSA’s poor effort.

Next up: at Charlotte on CBSSN at 5:30pm

13. ODU 0-0, 1-2

Falling back to earth hurts.

Next up: vs Buffalo on ESPN+ at 2:30pm

14. UTEP 0-0, 2-1

I got nuthin.

Next up: vs New Mexico on ESPN+ at 8pm.

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